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Patient Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for providing complete information about your health and for reporting the effects of your treatment.
  • You will be responsible for attending scheduled consultations with health professionals at the practice on time/within 20 minutes of your appointment time and participating in activities prescribed by your treatment plan.
  • You will be responsible for considering the rights of other patients and office personnel during your treatment in this practice.
  • You will be responsible for cancelling appointments with reasonable of notice to our reception staff and are aware that repeated non-attendance at pre-booked appointments or short notice cancellations will not be acceptable to the practice. If this occurs you may be asked to leave the practice list.
  • You will accept that occasionally clinics run behind the scheduled time, which is outside of the GP/Practice staff control.

Click here to download the full details of the practice responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to the practice.

You are responsible for the following practice rules and regulations. They are a part of the guidelines, which follow.

We care for patients with a general practice level of complaints in a community practice. Whilst we will see patients with urgent medical complaints, it is not appropriate for us to see certain medical complaints which the doctors may deem emergencies and you may be asked in these situations to provide medical information on the phone to allow triage and possibly to call 999 for an ambulance if appropriate.

Visits Times
All our staff wish to help our patients. We need your help in this effort. The first part of this includes having the right amount of time to listen, understand and to form treatment/investigation plans. While most visits of a follow-up nature can be accomplished in 10 minutes, there are times when new symptoms need to be addressed, more questions need to be answered, and more time spent. We are happy to do this, but need your help scheduling this. If you know you have questions or a new complaint that will take more time to cover, please let the reception staff know so that we can schedule the right amount of time for the visit. We may not be able to allow multiple double appointments so we ask that you attend each consultation for a single (or maximum double issues) and schedule alternative appointments for other problems. Neither the patient nor the health professional wish to feel rushed.

Your Treatment
You have the right to be heard and investigated with regard to the nature of your symptoms and their effects on you. The practice staff will do their best to help you in these matters. For your part, you must do your best to comply with the directed therapy. Our clinical staff reserve the right to use their clinical judgement in investigating and managing your condition and will aim to do this to the best of their ability but will expect your co-operation.

Your Advocate
Your doctors are your advocates for the achievement of control in management of your physical and mental health. We will help you, but there are times when you will need to help yourself, especially if that requires lifestyle changes, compliance with medical/pharmacologic regimens, or simply following directions. Sometimes you may need others to help you get the care you deserve and this may include co-operating with other allied health professionals outside of the practice but which may be based locally eg. district nurses, podiatry, physiotherapy etc.

You have the right to compassionate care provided to you with respect for the privacy and maintenance of medical confidentiality. Respect and consideration are two-way streets. We must ask that you treat all staff with respect as well. The practice will not tolerate misbehaviour, crude language or threatening actions to staff who are trying to carry out their jobs. If these situations arise, we will attempt to contact you to attempt to find out why a problem has arisen - but if no resolution can be found or if the relationship has broken down with you, the patient, we will have no choice but to request that you leave the practice list.

New Symptoms
If new, unusual or threatening symptoms appear that cannot wait until the next business day for evaluation, patients should go to the A & E or an urgent care facility (options here) for evaluation.

Please let staff and GPs know in advance if forms need to be completed. The GPs are happy to complete disability forms and return to work forms, but be advised that these forms are best completed together. It takes time for us to complete these and that time needs to be scheduled. So do allow staff to schedule the right amount of time for the visit. Please note that duplicate medical certificate forms as replacement for lost ones will be charged for. Forms such as passport attestation, private sickness forms and Insurance forms, which are not part of NHS services domain, will also incur a charge and we shall try to communicate this to you before undertaking any of this work.

Click here to download a list of fees charged for non-nhs services.


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