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Appointment System Posted on 9 Feb 2015

Are you confused regarding the GP Appointment system at Field Road Surgery?

Are you frustrated that you are having to wait days for an appointment?

Since February 2012, we made changes to the appointment system that enabled it to be easier for you to see a doctor of your choosing when you need to.

The receptionists are there to facilitate your appointment booking requests. The receptionist may ask if your appointment falls into one of 3 main categories:

 (i) Emergency:-  the symptoms are life threatening. GP Practices do not deal with emergency cases and the receptionist will advise you to dial 999

(ii) Urgent:- for patients who have a condition/symptoms that is/are likely to worsen if not treated the same day and/or their symptoms prevent them from functioning normally. If we are unable to facilitate an urgent appointment for you on the same-day, you will be advised to attend the Walk-in Centre or the Urgent Care Centre so that your urgent issue can be dealt with appropriately.

(iii) Routine:-  which covers any other need to see a GP. All our routine GP appointments can now be booked up to 4 weeks in advance over the telephone or online. If you need to see the GP for an ongoing condition or as a follow-up to an urgent issue, please book a routine appointment.

In short, there are many patient issues that can be sorted without the need for a GP appointment and this is what the receptionist is trained to sort for you. But, in order to effectively signpost you to the most effective way of meeting your requirement, they may need to ask you for a brief indication of your condition/symptoms.

If you would like further clarification regarding the appointment system, please request a phone call from the patient advocate via reception. The patient advocate is a patient registered at the practice who is also a member of the Patient Participation Group and works closely with the practice in developing new services.


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