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Hopes raised for a blood test that may help spot 8 common cancers

22 January 2018

"Blood test could use DNA to spot eight of the most common cancers, study shows," The Guardian reports

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One in three women don't attend cervical screening because of 'embarrassment'

22 January 2018

'Embarrassment makes women avoid smear tests, charity says' BBC News reports

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Vaping damages DNA in mice, which 'may increase cancer risk'

31 January 2018

"Vaping causes cancer, new study warns," is the alarming – yet incorrect – headline from the Mail Online.

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Does drinking very hot tea cause oesophageal cancer?

06 February 2018

'Hot tea linked to deadly cancer in smokers and drinkers' The Daily Telegraph reports

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Ultra-processed foods linked to cancer

15 February 2018

'“Ultra-processed” foods, made in factories with ingredients unknown to the domestic kitchen, may be linked to cancer' The Guardian reports

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Paternal genes may influence ovarian cancer risk

16 February 2018

"Fathers may pass ovarian cancer risk to daughters," reports BBC News after research found a possible new cancer gene on the X chromosome.

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Lab-grown mini tumours offer hope for personalised cancer treatment

23 February 2018

"Mini tumours created to battle cancer," BBC News reports on a study in which scientists created lab-grown "mini tumours" to test responses to different treatments.

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Routine blood test for prostate cancer 'doesn't save lives'

07 March 2018

"Screening for prostate cancer does not save lives, and may do more harm than good," reports the Daily Telegraph.

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Vitamin D may reduce the risk of some cancers

08 March 2018

'Vitamin D may offer protection against cancers, study says' The Guardian reports

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Red-meat-free diet not proven to reduce overall bowel cancer risk

03 April 2018

"Cutting out red meat significantly reduces people's risk of bowel cancer, study finds," is the somewhat misleading headline from the Mail Online.

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Link between HPV infection and prostate cancer not established

16 April 2018

'Lifesaving jab denied to millions of boys in Britain could slash the risk of prostate cancer' the Mail Online reports

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Only 1 in 7 high-risk women take breast cancer prevention drug

24 April 2018

'Nearly 90% of women at risk of breast cancer shun preventative drugs' The Independent reports

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Survey looks at common cancer myths

27 April 2018

"Social media blamed for spread of cancer myths," is the headline in The Times. This was based on new research into what people in the UK believe about the causes of cancer.

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HPV vaccine 'safe and effective', says review

09 May 2018

"HPV vaccine for schoolgirls gets full marks," reports ITV News.

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Child leukaemia linked to reduced exposure to germs

22 May 2018

'Childhood leukaemia is preventable and likely caused by keeping babies too clean according to a landmark study' the Daily Mirror reports

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Low-fat diet reduces risk of breast cancer death

25 May 2018

'A low-fat diet full of fruits and vegetables could reduce risk of breast cancer death' the Mail Online reports

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New genetic variations identify men at higher risk of prostate cancer

12 June 2018

"Prostate cancer spit test is trialled," reports BBC Online on a test that looks at men's DNA to see if they have "high-risk" genes thought to affect 1 in every 100 men".

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HPV testing could be more accurate than smear tests for initial screening of cervical cancer

04 July 2018

"Hundreds of women will be spared from cervical cancer every year when a new test replaces conventional screening," reports the Mail Online.

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Are crowdfunding sites promoting quack treatments for cancer?

13 September 2018

'Crowdfunding sites may help fuel pseudoscience and bogus cancer cures, investigation finds' The Independent reports

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Eating organic food linked with lower cancer risk

23 October 2018

"Cutting out pesticides by eating only organic food could slash your cancer risk by up to 86 percent, a new study claims," the Mail Online reports

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Popular prostate cancer videos on YouTube 'inaccurate and biased'

28 November 2018

'An analysis of YouTube videos on prostate cancer has found biased and misleading medical information which could harm patients' Sky News reports

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Media claims of breast cancer testing tool are premature

15 January 2019

'GPs could use breast cancer 'calculator' to predict risk to women' The Guardian reports

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Do shop receipts contain cancer-causing chemicals?

16 January 2019

"Up to 90 per cent of receipts contain cancer-causing chemicals, experts have warned," the Mail Online reports. In a new study, researchers looked at whether the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) could be found in shop, till, cashpoint or similar types of receipts. BPA used to be widely used in the manufacture of plastics and resins.

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A nagging sore throat may be an early sign of cancer

30 January 2019

"GPs with patients who have a persistent sore throat, combined with shortness of breath, trouble swallowing or earache, should consider cancer as the cause," BBC News reports.

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